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About Me

OK this is it. The moment you have been waiting for. Luke's Tune of the week! That's right. Listen to me hum your favorite video game tune. Just send an e-mail with the name of the game (it has to be one you can hum to) and (depending on how many requests there are) I might hum it. For now I'll do 1 tune a week but if people like it I might change it to daily. Send your comments on it too.

This week it's good old Sonic 1 for the Genesis. Click here to listen to me hum!

Old Hums

Super Mario Bros

Info About Me

Expect info about me coming soon. Info for now...

I live in a house.

Ok Ok...because everyone wants to know about me I'll put a little bit more info for now... My name is...Luke©® Hehe.

Well I said I'd put my picture up so here it is...

Yep it is me! © 2001 excluding where noted otherwise.