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Yes! Ok here are the first downloads I am making avaliable. Hope you like them. Remember if you click these you don't download them but you just play them. To download them click the file then on the next screen right click the file name and click "save target as" to download.

Click here to download a movie for the upcoming Super Smash Bros: Meele! A .mov file.

Click here to download a movie for the upcoming ToeJam and Earl 3. There is still hope it will still come to Dreamcast. I hope.

Click here to listen to the good old Sonic 1 tune that came out a little over a decade ago. To download right click here and click save target as.

Click here for a cool Sonic 2 Remix. Ahh the good old days...

And if you have made it this far you have to download this file....

Yep you may have guessed it. A movie for Rogue Leader, coming soon for GameCube.

Dodge Viper Movies (to download these, right click on them and click "save target as")

A cool Dodge Viper burnout video.

A cool Dodge Viper race. © 2001 excluding where noted otherwise.