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Games List

Ok. Here's my list of all my games. Expect reviews on all these games soon.

A list of all my games:

Nintendo Gamecube:

Super Monkey Ball


Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
SF Rush: 2049
Sonic Shuffle
Chu Chu Rocket
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future
Jet Grind Radio
SW Episode 1 Racer
Test Drive Le Mans
Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Crazy Taxi
Hydro Thunder
Looney Tunes Space Race
Sega Smash Pack

N64 Games:

Super Mario 64
Donkey Kong 64
SW Episode 1 Racer
Gex: Enter the Gecko
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98
Mario Kart


Sonic 1
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Sonic and Knuckles
Sonic 3D Blast
Sonic Spinball
RR and Wilie: Dessert Demolition
Sports Talk Baseball
Taz in Escape From Mars
Vectorman 2

Game Boy Advance:

Super Mario Advance
Iridion 3D

Game Gear:

Tails Adventure
Sonic Tripple Trouble
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Drift 2
Super Columns
Spiderman: Sinister 6
NHL All Star Hockey

Virtual Boy:

Mario Tennis
Wario Land
Mario Clash

Too many to list right now.

Atari 7200:

Too many to list right now.


3D Pinball
Al Unser Jr.
Chesmaster 4000
Chex Quest
Chex Quest 2
Dig, The
Journeyman Project, The
Monopoly Star Wars
Monster Truck Madness
Monster Truck Madness 2
Moto Racer
Need for Speed, The
Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit, The
Sim City
Sim City 2000
Sim Copter
Sonic and Knuckles Collection
Sonic CD
Sonic R
Spiderman Cartoon Maker
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation
Star Trek: New Worlds
Star Trek: Starfleet Acadamy
Star Trek: Starfleet Acadamy: Chekov's Lost Missions
Star Trek: Starfleet Command
Test Drive 5
Traitor's Gate
Who Wants to be a Millionare?
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