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If you have any questions send me an e-mail and title it Q&A. If you have a letter title it well...letter. I'll put either one up as long as it's about games or PC questions. Also let me know if you want me to use your name or just "someone."


ZSpikeSpiegel writes,

Q:Hi is those Melee Pics real for America? or fake? or from the japanese version?

A:Sorry to say, they are fake. Pretty good fakes if I may say so myself but unfortunately we may need to wait for the next Super Smash Bros game. Not saying they will be in the next SSB game but if Sonic is in the next Mario Kart then anything is possible.


Jake writes,

Q: Dude. Why do you like the Game Cube? The X-Box is almost 2x as powerful. The X-Box has 733 MHZ but the Game Cube only has 484 MHZ. The Game Cube is weak!

A: Well, here's the thing about the CPUs. The Xbox's 733 MHz Pentium chip is actually not as fast as the GameCube's 484 MHz PowerPC Gekko processor. Here's why. The Xbox has a CISC processor and the GameCube has a RISC processor. CISC stands for Complex Instruction Set Computer and RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer. In CISC, the processor receives commands of varying length. In RISC, all commands must be the same length (2 instructions). Here's an example of how both CISC and RISC would handle some basic math of adding the numbers 6, 7, 3, and then subtracting 4.

CISC: 6 + 7 + 3 - 4 = 12

RISC: 6 + 7 = 13
13 + 3 = 16
16 - 4 = 12

Now, it may seem that RISC takes longer but it actually doesn't. Because of the short command, and the fact that they are all the same length, RISC actually performs faster than CISC. About 1.75 times faster than CISC. So, the 484 MHz Gekko is comparable to an 847 MHz CISC processor. The GameCube is also more memory efficient.


A certain Dr. writes,

Q: What is the average data transfer speed of the GC disc drive?

A: 16Mbps to 25Mbps so the average is 20.5Mbps

Q: Does the Gamecube support realtime hardware texture decompression?

A: Yes, it supports Real-time Hardware Texture Decompression (S3TC)

Q: How many bits does the DRAM Bus width support on the PS2?

A: 48 GB Per Second

Q: What company published Shining Force III for Saturn?

A: Published by Sega, Developed by Camelot Software Planning

Someone else writes....

Q: How do you take screenshots on the PS2?

A: There are many video cards you can use. One is the Hauppauge Win TV. It works kind of like a VGA adapter but you plug the A/V inputs ditectly into the video card and you can take your screenshots from there. © 2001 excluding where noted otherwise.