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The X-Box and Gamecube are out! A new era in gaming has emerged. Let's see... SEGA has announced that Jet Set Radio: Future will not be an X-Box exclusive, but will also be coming to the GameCube. This is good news for those that can't afford every system that comes out. (like me)

Sonic Adventure 2 will be ported to the GameCube and perhaps the first game to use the link between the GC and the Game Boy Advance. Interestingly enough though the name has now been changed to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. What Sonic Team has in store...well it should be good. Also if they change the game enough it will sell more cause it will make those that already have the game for Dreamcast want it for GC also (aka me) so that should be good. Let's hope for 4 player madness.
SEGA is as of now, helping Nintendo set up their network for network gaming. Way to go SEGA and Nintendo! Also PSOv.2 will be able to link GameCube players and Dreamcast players, so if you have the DC version and your friend has the GC version, you can still play each other over the net. Probably that is. SEGA announced that there would be a "last Dreamcast" which is the last Dreamcast to be manufactured. No one knows what the most fortuanate purchaser will receive in that box. But they say it will be very valuable.

I also hear something about the world being in chaos but I haven't confirmed it seeing as how I only leave my games to go to the bathroom (though maybe I'll find a solution for that) but I'll keep you updated on whatever I hear....

No but to be serious really, what happened on September 11 was a terrible thing. It's sad whenever things like this happen.

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