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What's New?

Well... I've been working on my site a lot. I think it's really coming along. I don't really have much that's new but...

Um... The other day at a garage sale of one of my friends, I got an Atari 7200 with 5 controllers and 23 games for $7. Not too bad. Only problem was the person selling it forgot to put the power cord in with the bunch of stuff so I had no power cord. Now I finally got the power cord from them and... it doesn't work. The little light on the system doesn't even come on. It may be the power cord though cause it is really torn up. It may be that. I looked online and so far the cheapest plug found is $9 though I haven't really looked much. Still that's more then I paid for everything else. Hmmm. Oh well if the power cord isn't the problem I may just end up putting the games on e-bay. If I really want to play a game I can always emulate. I'll post more as more happens.

Games I have been playing

Jet Grind Radio: Made some pretty cool tags using just the JGR tagmaker which I will be uploading soon...maybe.

Sonic Adventure 2: Working on Tails A-rank emblems. Only 1 more to go. Then I get to play as the Chao in 2-player mode. Yay! © 2001 excluding where noted otherwise.