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since 1st October 2001.

Welcome to my gaming site...

Let's see, where to start. Ok. I like SEGA and Nintendo. They are the best makers of games ever. I have been playing SEGA and Nintendo since back in the day. Well I hope you like my site.

OK right now I have a Genesis, a Nomad, a Game Gear, a Virtual Boy(gasp!), a Game Boy Advance, a N64, and a Dreamcast. I also have made a Nintendo and a SNES emulator for the Dreamcast. Oh and of course a PC. So I will be putting out info for all these systems. Gasp! I never bought a PSX or PS2. It's not that Sony doesn't have ANY good games but it's just that there wern't enough good games to make me want to buy it. And look at their system character, Crash Bandicoot. *sigh* Oh well.
I will however be putting up PSX and PS2 info if requested.

Well, I hope you like this site and find some good information on it. You can send me a private e-mail with comments and suggestions.

Admiral_C click here


April 17, 2002: Wow! That was some coma I was in! What you dont believe me? Oh ok. So I haven't been keeping the site up much. Well I just have so much stuff to do. I mean, I got a Gamecube and I've been playing that quite a bit... Actually in my defense I have been updating a little. Just wait a while and I'll be updating it more soon. I'm actually building a new site and I will move all this stuff to that one when I'm done. For the moment though I'm saving up for the new Spiderman game.

December 3, 2001: Dreamcast LIVES? At least there is speculation. It might however just be related to the fact that the DC is selling so well in Japan, that SoJ (SEGA of Japan) is taking some of North America's DCs just to keep up with the demand.Click here This would be great if it is true though. With the money SEGA is making from being 3rd party AND the money from their Dreamcasts that they are selling....Hmmmm. They can be a 3rd party and a 1st party at the same time right?

November 20, 2001: Wow, it's the 20th already? Well expect some major updates in the next few days. Sorry no new Tune of the Week last week but I've been really busy. Oh and in the news, the Gamecube is out along with the X-Box. Both look good but the X-Box doesn't really have any games that appeal to me that the Gamecube doesn't have already or will have. That's why I got GameCube. Plus the fact that it's $100 less helps too. Especially for a guy like me who doesn't have a job. I got Super Monkey Ball as my launch game which is well worth the money. A very cool monkey party game. (Proven fact: SEGA + Monkeys=fun. For further refrence see Samba De Amigo.) 70+ stages and tons of minigames. I'll have more info on the game as I get the time to play it more.

November 16, 2001: I know I dont usually update two times a day but this is something big. It is a sad day for gamers everywhere. Bleem is gone. The little company that could. Yep Sony drove those hard working people out of business with their neverending lawsuits. Sony never actually won any of the cases but the many many suits drove bleem to debt and then to this....BLEEM! The End.
Even if you never cared about Bleem, a game company is gone and that is never a good thing. We will miss you BLEEM!

November 16, 2001: It is possible to have a mobile, portable, GameCube? Interact says so. In fact they have already made it possible to play GameCube with it's very own screen and battery pack. Take a look here.

November 10, 2001: Didn't add much. Just a new Hum of the Week.

November 7, 2001: Yes! It took a little longer than I thought but here they are. 50 new N64 codes. Yes count 'em, 50! I'm far from done though so expect more soon.

November 4, 2001: Ok I fixed my site up a bit but right now I'm working on N64 codes. I hope to get up 40 or so by tomorrow. After that I'll start on the PSX. In case you hadn't checked, last week's Hum of the Week is up.

November 2, 2001: Hmm I had some stuff to put up on the site but Tripod's file manager doesn't seem to be working. I'll put up more stuff as soon as I can. Hopefully I can get my Hum of the Week up before the week is over.

October 31, 2001: Yay! My new banner is up! My old one was pretty bad compaired to this one.

October 28, 2001: Yes! I've added tons more codes. Forty Dreamcast games so far. Remember I take request's for any game.

October 24, 2001: Yes! I've added tons of codes, but WOW that took a long time. Oh and it's a new week so a new tune is up. Click the "About Me" page if you want to hear it.

October 21, 2001: Yes! I now have a chat room. Cool Huh? Try it out. Oh and I got rid of my old site so now you can go to and it will send you here. No need to type home.html anymore but it still works that way too.

October 19, 2001: Yes! A major update. I added to the codes page. I set up more videos on the download page and added tons of pictures. Take a look. Oh and vote in the poll.

October 18, 2001: Well I'm still here and yes I am working on my site I just haven't updated it yet. Remember to send those e-mails. I'm changing my picture gallery around and I should have codes up by my next update or 2.

October 15, 2001: Well I've finally added Luke's Hum of the week. It's hilarious. Click here!

October 12, 2001: Well I've added a lot including a bunch of new links and a new download. Take a look.

October 9, 2001: Well I have been updating but just not enough to post them up for the last 2 days. I finally got some stuff to put in the Mailbag though I think it's just people trying to see wether I can really answer questions or not. Well go see for yourself. Now I have my forum set up and it should work. Try going here... The password is my last name.

October 6, 2001: Yay. I guess you could say my site is done!

October 5, 2001: Well I finally got my navigation bar working. It actually looks pretty good to me. None of the links work though because there are no pages to link to. I guess you could say my homepage in HTML is done. Though I will be adding pictures and all that other good stuff to it as I get the chance.

October 4, 2001: Didn't do anything to my old site but I did make a new HTML site here. This HTML site will probably end up replacing my template site but not just yet. I haven't even finished the home page on this site yet.

October 3, 2001: Didn't do much today just set up a new poll.

October 2, 2001: I updated my site and added a bunch of stuff. Other then that not much.

October 1, 2001: Today is the day I woke up and decided to make a website. A couple hours later, I made it happen. It wasn't much, but it was a start.


But what happened to your old web site?

Well too many people complained about it using a template so I decided to try out this HTML stuff. It's not really that hard once you get used to it. Take it easy on me cause I just got started into this "making of websites" a little while ago but I'm always working on it. © 2001 excluding where noted otherwise.